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Welcome to Super Rad Jobs. By me, Adam Grenier. Why subscribe?

1) I think finding jobs should be a lot more fun. This is my first stab at making that a reality. Join me and some friends as we share some amazing opportunities and job guidance along the way.

2) I see a lot of jobs. People recruit me, friends post roles in communities I’m in, LinkedIn thinks I’m the bee’s knees, companies I’ve invested in or advised are building out their teams, etc.

I can’t take them all. That would be bananas.

So, instead, I’m going to share the coolest ones with you.

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tl;dr: A+ Jobs Recommendations From A+ People Join Adam and some friends as we bring you amazing jobs in growth, marketing, product, design, and really any role that we think is kinda awesome for humans.


Adam Grenier

On an endless hunt for product market potential. Growth EIR @Reforge, improviser, dad, etc. ex- @LambdaSchool @Uber @HotelTonight @FirstRound @DairyQueen