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No job description (or typing) required. I just want to hear why you think the company and role are awesome, who the hiring manager is, and what the team and culture are like. In your words. See below for tips on submitting and types of jobs to most likely get featured, or dive right in…

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Tips for a Fabulous Recommendation:

Real people don’t say “Hey, you possess practical time management and interpersonal communication skills - do I have a job for you!”
*NO VIDEO OR AUDIO WILL BE POSTED. I'm focusing on transcribing copy only for now. So even if you do submit a video, I'll transcribe it and take the best bits for the newsletter and sharing. If that ever changes, I'll definitely let you know first.

Record Your Recommendation Here

Rad, Growth Adjacent, Recommendations

In my eyes, the difference between a recommendation and a referral is endorsement. That means I want you to be genuinely passionate about the job, the team, the manager, or the company mission when you share with the Super Rad Community.

That also means, for now, I want a recommendation outside of your own company. You can be biased towards the company (hard not to be if you’re recommending it), but ideally not the CEO or an employee of it.

Is my job Rad? I wasn’t paying attention in the 80’s to fully appreciate what that means.

Rad here means the role is excellent. It stands out among the noise of hundreds of thousands of job descriptions. You nerd out over the nuance of the role and will be ecstatic when you see who lands it knowing it’s such a great career opportunity. Seeing someone get a rad job you recommend should make you as happy as when you won that ski contest after 3 looong minutes of intense training montage.

These roles often are more senior or one-off. “Head of” or Director roles tend to have way more nuance than entry-level roles. I’d like to feature more “first engineer” or “new business-unit leader” or “own all of activation” type roles vs. “we need five full-stack engineers” or “be the 7th marketing hire on this team” roles.

What the heck does “Growth Adjacent” mean??

Growth encompasses roles and skillsets in product management, development, marketing, analytics, design, and some operations roles. I’m featuring these jobs because:

  1. That’s my forte, so I have at least somewhat of a gauge on if a role is truly something special, whereas I may not have that for, say finance roles or jobs in the medical field.

  2. That’s my audience. Naturally, the first waves of readers and followers here are going to come directly or secondhand through my network. These roles are most likely to appeal to that audience and garner the best interest.

  3. Growth as a function is suuuper nuanced. Different everywhere you look. So roles in/around growth are perfect for an alternative and more nuanced way to explain them.

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Thanks everyone!